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Why a Live Forex Chart is important For Traders

There are two common theories as far as live forex charts are concerned: The first is by the many forex traders who believe that live forex charts can never be used to win in a forex trade simply because they rely on demand and supply fundamentals. On the other hand, some investors believe that live forex graphs are a mirror reflection to a human mind; they are constant but prices can be predicted. Which is a fact and which is not? Forex Brokers Reviews
The truth is that live currency graphs work and deliver results. There is however one common misconception that must be cleared even before we get into how live currency charts work. Contrary to common belief, live charts are not used as tools to predict future variations in pair prices. The truth is that unlike scientific theories, prices are not determined by fixed aspects. If this was the case, live charts would be very predictable, and there would be no point in trade in foreign exchange, would there? This, however, does not mean that live charts are not useful to the foreign exchange trade. As a matter of fact, live forex tables are some of the most important tools in use in foreign exchange trading. Combined with technical analysis, live currency graphs can be some of the most valuable assets an exchange trader can have in the business.
With the help of live forex charts, you can know the moving averages and when the price has gone above or below. Day trading does not require much analysis apart from some real time history of price movements. It is a vital tool in a seasoned trader's toolbox and the newbie simply cannot do without it. Getting technical indicators upfront in real time has come as a big boon to online forex traders coast to coast. forex broker review
With live charts you can identify when the market has entered an overbought zone with the help of RSI. To enter and exit a trade and also for working on multiple indicators, you need live charts to guide you through. If two indicators like the RSI and MACD indicate buy signals, then you could buy and forex market requires taking decisions in a flash. To make profits and keep losses to the minimum, use forex live chart.
The live forex chart is a lifeline for the day trader wanting to close positions within a matter of a few minutes or hours. Usually a long term investor in the forex market does not need live charts, but day traders require keeping tabs on price changes by the minute. Top Rated Forex Brokers
Traders depend solely on the chart prices to plan their moves and they have to be real time stuff to be of any use. Depending on what type of trade you would be doing, you should select the right software for viewing forex charts. You can monitor every single move the currency pair makes as well as keep track of technical indicators.
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Position Trading Strategy - For Beginners

Position Trading Strategy - For Beginners
Traders often bloat with misconceptions as of which strategy would be the ideal one to trade with. The answer is, there is no ideal strategy. Strategies are what we traders build by ourselves to trade. Position trading is one such strategy like day trading which is being widely used by people all over the world. For those who are unfamiliar about position trading, let’s buckle up and get committed to learning some important position trading strategies.


Position Trading is usually where a trader enters into a position, holds his instrument until he figures out the right time to sell it. The trade duration may last from several weeks to months, and sometimes, even years. A position trader’s greatest attribute is his patience which helps him stand against the market odds and gain profits.


Since you are about to enter into a position, choose the right instrument to stay on track. Before investing, get to know about the history of the instrument with the help of long-term charts, economic factors and predict where the price would reach after a certain period of time. If you think it might work, you can go ahead with the chosen instrument. It is important that you are strong in your position trading techniques and understand how to position trading works.


Before entering into a position, make sure you do a thorough groundwork, a repeated number of times. Your chances of becoming a successful position trader will likely be higher if you have a good sense of foresight which can be acquired by updating yourself with the market news. Predicting the markets and trading with knowledgeable guesses will help you gain profits.


Certain economic, political factors and events could create a peak difference in the price of the instrument and the aftermath would be either pleasant or unpleasant. But, to be on the safer side, it is always better to set a stop loss to your deal. Stop-loss is a feature beyond which your deal doesn’t progress. When the specified target price is reached, the order gets executed minimizing your losses and acts a shield to your career.


Position trading requires less effort when compared to other trading strategies. Once you enter into a position, you wait till the instrument reaches the expected price and execute the trade. But monitoring the price fluctuations continuously could be a tiring process. GTC helps you fix the desired price and automatically executes the trade once the target has been reached thus making the overall trading process more comfortable. Manual execution can also be done if you are satisfied with the current price of the instrument.


Minor fluctuations that occur in the price of the instrument does not create sensations among position traders. But what if a trend reversal occurs and the market goes against you? Though stop loss if implemented would minimize the losses, it could be a disheartening event for a position trader. Good knowledge and a well-predicted trade deal would avoid all mishaps and losses.
Position trading strategy, one of the best trading strategy can help you earn profits amidst the wild volatile market. Using proper risk management factors and going with the market trends can help you survive in the market.
Forex trading has been in existence for a long period of time and there are a lot of myths and facts doing the rounds in the market. It is up to you to suit yourself, take what is needed and build yourself a successful forex trading career!. Try our forex demo account for free.
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[Banned] /r/TheNewsFeed/: Drudge: Turks taking sledgehammers, handguns, fire to iPhones...

I was banned from /TheNewsFeed/. Here's what I would have said in response to this post:
When I first saw this article from, its title was:
iPhones bear the brunt of Turkish anger at Trump
Here are some other articles about this story:
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These are all of the articles I think are about this story. I do not select or sort articles based on any opinions or perceived biases, and neither I nor my creator advocate for or against any of these sources or articles. It is your responsibility to determine what is factually correct.
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[DIPLOMACY] Beijing - Pyongyang, 2019

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chaoyang, Beijing
Diplomatic mission to Pyongyang
In the face of diplomatic blunders by United States and a worrisome missile barrage by North Korea, senior level Foreign Affairs diplomats have departed Beijing headed for a diplomatic summit in Pyongyang with their North Korean counterparts.
In the meeting, which has been promoted by the incredible failure of the American administration to recognize the contribution of China in parity with it's status as a peer level power, the team wishes to discuss both reopening tentative economic investment projects that were closed under more prosperous Sino-U.S. relations, and the recent Hwansong missile launch.
First, the following economic measures are being proposed. They would constitute a lifeline to the regime in Pyongyang, and the diplomatic capital being expended by Beijing is considerable. We expect to receive a measure of cooperation from the North Korean government.
Next, we wish to briefly discuss the missile strike in the Sea of Japan. In previous years, we have publicly discouraged such events as needless warmongering. However, with the attempted breach of Chinese airspace by a United States military craft and the bellicose rhetoric from Washington, we can't say that North Korea is acting any worse than America.
For that, we will remain silent; unless the Sino-U.S. relationship markedly improves, we seem to have found a common purpose. However, we will demand advance knowledge of such dangerous maneuvers in the future, as failure to do so will result in a return to the sour relationship of recent years.
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Rumored Buzz on Turkey raises forex sales tax in another ...

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